Business Clients

Services for companies


Comprehensive and permanent services for commercial law companies and other entrepreneurs.

Range of services:

  • preparing draft agreements and company statutes;
  • drafting internal corporate documents (regulations, draft resolutions);
  • representing companies and other entrepreneurs in business negotiations and court disputes, ongoing legal services;
  • advising on the form of business;
  • preparing legal opinions and providing legal advice, explanations, and consultations.



The Law Firm represents business clients in court cases, both before common courts of first and second instance (district, regional, and appellate courts) and before the Supreme Court, as well as before administrative courts, i.e. the Voivodeship Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Representation of a party in court proceedings involves—depending on the case—drawing up statements of claim and counterclaim, petitions, statements of opposition to payment orders, statements of opposition to default judgments, statements of objections to payment orders, drawing up appeals, drawing up pleadings in the course of court proceedings, as well as representing the party at hearings and at court sittings.



We understand that a trial is not always the right solution. Sometimes, it is better and faster to take a settlement in which both parties win, and their mutual relations do not deteriorate, making further cooperation possible.



  • we provide ongoing services to entrepreneurs;
  • we provide ongoing corporate services to company bodies (Management Board, Meetings of Shareholders, General Meetings of Supervisory Boards);
  • we prepare company deeds;
  • we represent companies in the process of company registration as well as in the process of making changes in the National Court Register.



Agreements are an indispensable part of any business. The work of a lawyer in drafting or assessing agreements consists in finding appropriate solutions to protect the interests of the represented company. When drawing up agreements, our business client service is individual, because we realize that each industry has its own nature.

We prepare and assess all types of agreements, including IT, NDA, and license agreements, agreements of sale, exchange, supply, rental, lease, specific work, construction works, lending, loan, commission, agency, etc.



The Law Firm prepares, analyses, and assesses construction agreements. In particular, the work of a lawyer consists in providing assistance in determining the conditions for handing over the construction site and accepting the works, determining the amount of liquidated damages, guarantee deposits, bank guarantees, etc. Therefore, a specialist base of legal knowledge is an essential part of providing proper services to corporate or business clients from any industry.

The Law Firm also conducts litigation in the field of construction law, in particular for the payment of liquidated damages; on behalf of contractors and subcontractors, for the payment of remuneration; from the investor’s side, for compensation for non-performance or improper performance of the agreement.



We assist companies with matters of labour law. We prepare internal labour law documents, such as work, remuneration, bonus regulations, Employee Benefit Fund regulations, instructions, announcements, various types of employment contracts, so-called loyalty contracts, cooperation agreements, managerial contracts, etc.

We also represent corporate and business clients in court disputes.



The Law Firm assists corporate and business clients in the recovery of their receivables. We offer corporate clients amicable and judicial debt collection, and we conduct security and enforcement proceedings.

The Firm conducts all court cases which are aimed at debt collection, i.e. cases:

  • for payment;
  • for securing claims;
  • for confirming inheritance acquisition;
  • complaints about bailiff’s actions;
  • anti-enforcement actions;
  • actions for declaring an act ineffective;
  • for asset disclosure;
  • for separation of property;
  • for a writ of execution against the debtor’s spouse;
  • for a writ of execution against legal successors (e.g. heirs of the debtor, partners in a general or limited partnership);
  • for payment against the company’s board members;
  • for a ban on doing business;
  • for compulsory mortgages and other mortgages before land and mortgage courts;

Please contact us if you need more information on matters relating to corporate and business clients.
Our information office will be happy to assist you in the efficient handling of any matter.


Law Firm of Agnieszka Wala, Attorney at Law

Business clients

Comprehensive and ongoing services for commercial law companies and other entrepreneurs.

Incorporation/S24 companies

Assistance in registering limited liability companies and other commercial law companies.

Preparation and evaluation of agreements

Preparing draft agreements, company statutes, and internal drafts of corporate documents.

Divorce, alimony, parental custody

Advising and providing client representation before the Court in family and guardianship cases.

Labour law and social security

Labour law and social security services and labour law consultancy services.


Legal advice and Client representation before the Court in probate cases.

Distribution of assets

Advice on the distribution of assets between the spouses or ex-spouses..

Is your legal problem of another kind?

If you have a legal problem other than mentioned above—contact us, and we will certainly assist you.

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