IT agreements/other agreements

Preparation and legal verification of agreements

The process of drawing up a civil law contract to make it understandable and transparent can be cumbersome. Our Law Firm provides services in the field of drafting and assessing agreements.

Moreover, we help our clients understand legal regulations, which avoids many problems resulting from
an imprecise agreement.

On behalf of our clients, we analyse provisions included in an agreement and assess them. Independently made changes, which seem small on the surface, may completely change the terms and nature of the agreement (not necessarily to the benefit of the Client).

We also know that for people who are not proficient in the provisions of law, drawing up an agreement can be
a tedious task.

Very often, entrepreneurs (as well as other people) use ready-made templates of civil law contracts, which are available online. The question arises, however, as to whether the template sufficiently safeguards the interests of the party concerned, and whether the agreement is, in fact, tailored to its needs. It may also turn out that
a standard agreement would not apply in a given case, necessitating a so-called mixed agreement or innominate contract.

Agreement preparation and assessment services

As part of our agreement preparation and assessment services, we offer:

  • drafting agreement;
  • assessing agreements;
  • participating in negotiations to conclude a contract;
  • legal assistance in shaping effective agreement performance security;
  • legal support for all matters related to the performance, non-performance, or improper performance of agreements.

Our Law Firm provides services within the broadly defined scope of the law, as well as agreement preparation and assessment services. We are looking for optimal and convenient solutions that will meet your expectations.

Law Firm of Agnieszka Wala, Attorney at Law

Business clients

Comprehensive and ongoing services for commercial law companies and other entrepreneurs.

Incorporation/S24 companies

Assistance in registering limited liability companies and other commercial law companies.

Preparation and evaluation of agreements

Preparing draft agreements, company statutes, and internal drafts of corporate documents.

Divorce, alimony, parental custody

Advising and providing client representation before the Court in family and guardianship cases.

Labour law and social security

Labour law and social security services and labour law consultancy services.


Legal advice and Client representation before the Court in probate cases.

Distribution of assets

Advice on the distribution of assets between the spouses or ex-spouses..

Is your legal problem of another kind?

If you have a legal problem other than mentioned above—contact us, and we will certainly assist you.

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