Inheritance law


Inheritance law is one of our Law Firm’ specializations. A large part of the legal advice we provide on a daily basis concerns inheritance law, inheritance, and settlement of donations.


Our services are addressed to both heirs and testators who want to divide their assets well. Each of you can count on a detailed analysis of the presented problem, taking into account the current provisions of the inheritance law.

Our Law Firm represents Clients in the following inheritance proceedings:

  • advising on statutory and testamentary inheritance;
  • confirming inheritance acquisition;
  • inheritance division;
  • legitime;
  • disinheritance;
  • advising on the acceptance or rejection of inheritance;
  • providing assistance in proceedings before the Tax Office in relation to the settlement of inheritance and donation tax.


We provide legal advice and assistance with answering questions, i.e.:

  • How to resolve an inheritance case without a will?
  • What exactly is an inheritance?
  • How to make a will?


Our Law Firm represents Clients as well as prepares the necessary documents needed to begin inheritance proceedings.

We can draft and prepare documents remotely, using email.

If you have any questions or concerns about the division of property, please contact us using the contact form or visit our office in Pszczyna.

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Comprehensive and ongoing services for commercial law companies and other entrepreneurs.

Incorporation/S24 companies

Assistance in registering limited liability companies and other commercial law companies.

Preparation and evaluation of agreements

Preparing draft agreements, company statutes, and internal drafts of corporate documents.

Divorce, alimony, parental custody

Advising and providing client representation before the Court in family and guardianship cases.

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Labour law and social security services and labour law consultancy services.


Legal advice and Client representation before the Court in probate cases.

Distribution of assets

Advice on the distribution of assets between the spouses or ex-spouses..

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