Parental custody, divorce, alimony

Divorce cases, alimony and parental custody


Our Law Office provides legal consultancy and representation of the Principal before the court in family and guardianship cases.


The most important thing for us is the best interest of the Client, as well as favourable legal decisions, which is why we thoroughly analyse all aspects of the case. We deal with family law, including divorce and alimony cases. Thanks to the combination of knowledge and practical skills, we guarantee you professional and effective assistance.


Family law

Family matters should be handled with due care, as they often involve a lot of emotions. The aim of our Law Firm is to provide the Client with support and legal assistance at the highest level. We know that family matters are
a sensitive issue, which is why we focus on all formalities of the procedure and keep you informed about further actions. This approach fosters an atmosphere based on mutual respect and trust.


Divorce cases

Thanks to the practice as attorneys at law and many years of experience, our Law Firm provides Clients with legal assistance tailored to their needs. We are aware that divorce is a very delicate and intimate subject, involving strong emotions and stress.

We strive to keep the duration of the divorce process as short as possible while supporting you at each stage.

Our knowledge allows us to answer your questions, such as:

  • How does a divorce case look?
  • How long does a divorce case take?
  • What questions are asked during a divorce case?
  • What are the costs of a divorce case?

What is important to us, is the Client’s comfort, and to enable them to ask, without prejudice and without any barriers, about matters that are not easy to understand or doubtful, concerning family law, divorce cases, or alimony. These are complicated topics, and provisions of law can generate many difficulties. Therefore, if you turn to our Law Firm for assistance, we will provide you with professional care and support throughout the entire proceedings.

Nevertheless, before deciding on a divorce, it is necessary to check and consider whether the conditions listed under Article 56 of the Family and Guardianship Code are met. If not, the court will not pronounce a divorce and, furthermore, the claimant will have to bear all costs associated with the hearing.



Our Law Firm deals with matters related to alimony in a comprehensive manner—from beginning to end. This is made possible thanks to our excellent knowledge of family law. We support both people who are applying for alimony as well as for an increase in maintenance.

The range of services provided by our Law Office in the field of family and guardianship law includes:

  • preparing and conducting divorce and separation cases;
  • handling alimony cases (recovery of maintenance, change in the amount of maintenance, revocation of maintenance obligation);
  • carrying out the division of the spouses’ joint property, assisting in the preparation of agreements on the division of joint property;
  • conducting cases for granting, terminating, limiting, or suspending parental custody and for regulating access to the child;
  • conducting incapacitation cases;
  • conducting paternity denial cases.


Family law, divorce cases, and alimony are subjects that require time and professional care, which we can guarantee. We are committed to achieving a satisfactory judgment in the case while supporting the Client.

We can draft and prepare documents remotely, using email.

If you have any questions or concerns about the division of property, please contact us using the contact form or visit our office in Pszczyna.

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Divorce, alimony, parental custody

Advising and providing client representation before the Court in family and guardianship cases.

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