Inheritance division/distribution of assets

Legal services during the distribution of assets


The procedure for the distribution of assets may seem apparently simple. However, it is often the case that the existing conflict between the parties and the negative emotions complicate the entire matter.


Thanks to many years of experience, our Law Firm can help you avoid mistakes in the process of distributing assets. Moreover, we provide services related to the amicable settlement of the distribution of assets.


Amicable distribution of assets

The distribution of assets after a divorce does not have to end in court. The contractual distribution of assets is
a consensual solution between the spouses. An additional benefit of such an arrangement is that the parties can reduce the expenditure of funds and maintain a better relationship.

Our Law Office provides the following services in the field of amicable distribution of assets:

  • advising and preparing an agreement on the distribution of assets;
  • conducting negotiations with the other party;
  • assisting in determining the terms of credit settlements and other liabilities;
  • assisting and working with valuers and law firms.


Non-amicable distribution of assets

There are situations when the amicable distribution of assets is not possible. Our Law Firm assists in disputed and unequal distributions of assets before or after a divorce. Thanks to our extensive experience
in representing our Principals in matters related to the distribution of assets, we offer comprehensive assistance throughout the proceedings.

Our services in the area of non-amicable and unequal distribution of assets include:

  • advising and preparing all types of pleadings;
  • assisting in gathering evidence against the other party;
  • representing the party during court hearings;
  • assisting and supporting in planning a strategy.


Our offer involves handling your case in a professional and reliable manner. Optimal solutions are essential to our Law Firm. They ensure our Clients’ safety and allow them to succeed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us using the contact form or visit our office in Pszczyna.

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Assistance in registering limited liability companies and other commercial law companies.

Preparation and evaluation of agreements

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Advising and providing client representation before the Court in family and guardianship cases.

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Distribution of assets

Advice on the distribution of assets between the spouses or ex-spouses..

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